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For inquiries,please ask at the Tourist Information Office.

  • Kiso-machi Tourism Assocciation 0264-22-4000
  • 木曽町観光協会
    Town walk information, scientific library information,circumference sightseeing information, restaurant guidance, shop guidance, etc.

  • Tourist Information Office 0264-22-4025
  • 木曽福島駅前観光情報センター

  • Kiso Town Office 0264-22-3000
  • 木曽町役場

  • Kiso Police Station 0264-22-0110
  • 木曽警察署

  • Kiso Fire Department(Ambulance service) 0264-22-0119
  • 木曽消防署(救急車)

  • Kiso Hospital 0264-22-2703
  • 木曽病院

We can speak English a little. Please ask a question slowly in and use easy words.And telephone communication may be difficult.We apologize in advance.


Welcome to Kiso-Town!
Kiso tourism begins from JR Kisofukushima Station.


Hiroshige UTAGAWA 's " Sixty-nine Stations of Kiso Road” [Fukushima] /Exhibition:KISOJI art museum